Thursday, 17 October 2013

2013 MTL Cultural Camp

Cultural Camp Reflections

Part A

Part B

Form a group of 4 members.
Journal your learning experience for today’s activity using Google Presentation. 

Guiding Questions

1) What are the areas that your need to take note when making a Kite?

2)Through this activity what have you learnt about kite?
How will you apply what you have learnt today to your daily life. (example patience and determination etc.)

3)I will give this kite to _______________( Name of the person) and state the reason.

Write your experience using google Presentation and include pictures of your learning experience.

Share your Googles Presentation with your Class Teacher.
Please get the email from the  class teacher.

Part A

Part B








请把你们的学习心得记录在Googles Presentation ,并附上你学习过程的照片。

在Googles Presentation 的最后一页,请放上小组组员的名字。


Share your Googles Presentation with your Class Teacher and Mdm Yeo.
Please get the email from your class teacher.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

2013 MTL Fortnight Survey

Dear all MTL students,

Thank you for your participation during the MTL Fortnight from 4th February till 15th February.  We hope you have enjoyed yourselves through the various activities.  Congratulations to all winners of all the competitions.  For others, thank you for your participation.  We look forward to your continued commitment in the activities organised by MTL Department.

To further improve the MTL Fortnight activities, we need your feedback.  Please help us to complete this survey by Friday, 15 March.

Thank you.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

2013 母语双周语文常识比赛