Wednesday, 23 January 2013

2013 MTL Fortnight

SST, Singapore will be organising our second Mother Tongue Fortnight, which will be held from 4 Feb to 15 Feb 2013 
Objectives of MTL Fortnight:

(1) To create an immersive environment for the learning and appreciation of MTL;
(2) To provide platforms for students to actively learn MTL and the associated culture; and
(3) To provide authentic opportunities for students to use MTL and experience the culture.

Programme Highlights:

(A) Competitions - online quizzes.

(B) Workshops- Paper Cutting,Chinese New Year Lantern Making, Tea Art, Flowers Garland Making, Appreciation of Malay Customs & Traditions, Malay Oral Communication Workshop (Deejay)

(C) Movie Showcase
HCL/CL: 《新少林寺》

(D) Learning Journeys: Research study on Malay Customs & Traditions @ Jurong East Library

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